Lenten Lessons: Test More, Rest More, Accept More

Happy Lent! I know that might seem like a contradictory phrase, but I truly do look forward to the Lenten season every year. I feel it is a time to look deeply into our current lives, our relationships with God, and the sins we are committing. Recently, Christian and I were talking about the Lenten season. I asked him what he was giving up and he proceeded to tell me that he struggles with this time in the liturgical year. He feels that, if you want to give something up or work on your relationship with God, you should do it, regardless if it is Lent or not. I urged him to consider maybe committing to something rather than just “giving something up.” Yes, Lent is a time for us to reflect on our transgressions and consider the gravity of the decision Jesus made to give up his life in order to help us get to Heaven, However, the season could also be viewed as a time of commitment. Jesus COMMITTED to bringing us eternal life through his death. Therefore, committing to an act that will bring you closer to God in some way is just as powerful as giving something up.

This year, I am committing to three specific ideas; test more, rest more, and accept more. Test more refers to my diabetes care. I am not the best at remembering to check my blood sugar, and sometimes will go whole days only testing once or twice (don’t tell my endocrinologist. Or my mom.) I have trouble prioritizing my diabetes care because I view it as a burden. This is detrimental to my health, as well as my relationship with God. I know that there is a reason God have me this cross to bear six years ago. And I know that I need to continue to take the best care of my body and my diabetes in order to live the life God has planned for me. Therefore, I am committing myself to testing more regularly and taking an overall better interest in my diabetes.

Rest more is my second Lenten mission. I don’t necessarily mean take more naps, although that is never a bad idea! Rest more, to me, means taking more time to intentionally pause. Whether that is eating a meal in silence and taking the time to reflect (rather than scrolling through social media while I absentmindedly chow on my food like I usually do) or taking the time to put down the screens and just breathe at the end of the night, the purpose is to be purposefully still. I am usually going a million miles a minute and sometimes I just get burnt out. I need to make sure I am taking the time to rest and recharge and check in with myself every day. This is why I am committing to resting more this Lenten season.

Finally, my third mission is to accept more. I know  that I myself am guilty of judging someone before I know their full story. In today’s world, with social media allowing people to project different versions of themselves, it is easy to make snap judgments. I hate when I am the one that is judged and, knowing that I do that to others makes me feel terrible. Life is hard enough without us out there judging each other for the way we choose to live it. therefore, I am committing to accepting more and judging less.

I’ll be posting updates periodically on my Lenten mission and what I have experienced and learned from it. Happy Lent!


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