My Thank-You Letter to Mr. Right

I was waiting for class to begin last week when my boyfriend’s name popped up across my phone screen. As I swiped open my phone and giggled quietly to myself at the funny text and picture he had sent, the girl next to me smiled and asked, “what’s so funny?” I tried to downplay it, partially out of embarrassment that I had laughed loud enough for someone to notice and simply said, “oh my boyfriend just sent me something. We’re going on a date tomorrow night and it’s kind of a long story.” She looked at me with a half-smile and said, “must be nice.” Her comment stuck with me for the rest of class and I thought to myself, “yeah. It is nice.” I know I thank my boyfriend a lot in private for being such a wonderful person, but I felt a public recognition was appropriate, especially as we wind down our time shared as undergrads at our university and he prepares to graduate. So, here we go. My thank-you to Mr. Right.


My dear best friend,

First, thank you for being just that; my best friend. Thank you for being my Friday night Chipotle date. Thank you for being my Saturday afternoons spent snuggled on the couch watching basketball or baseball or whichever episode of SVU we’re on. Thank you for being my afternoon lunch date. For meeting me in the atrium and watching me get a piece of grilled chicken every single day, only to never eat it in lieu of two more cookies. And thank you for not saying anything about that, even when you know those cookies probably aren’t the best thing for my blood sugars.

Thank you for the car rides. Whether it is to your family’s house for dinner or just down the street to get gas. Thank you for letting me be the DJ, for not making fun of me when I sing completely off-key. Thank you for detours on the way back to campus, when the trees are brilliant shades of reds and oranges and our homework can wait just a little longer. Thank you for knowing when I’ve had a crappy day, or a crappy week, and a little time off campus is just what I need.

Thank you for the Sunday nights at mass. Thank you for holding my hand during the homily and squeezing it when you feel there is a message God is sending to us. Thank you for always hugging me first at the sign of peace, for holding my hand a second longer after the Our Father. Thank you for letting me cry in mass when the thought of you not being there next year breaks my heart.

Thank you for letting me express my emotions fully. Thank you for not telling me I’m being “over-dramatic” because you know that I am just an emotional person. Thank you for wiping away my tears, for holding me when I’m scared. For celebrating with me when something great happens and tying to help me understand when something disappointing occurs. Thank you for not judging when I cry at a HoneyMaid cracker commercial; for simply chuckling a bit and kissing my forehead.

Thank you for being my biggest inspiration. For the constant encouragement, the never-ending “I know you can do it” and the continuous praise. Thank you for helping me recognize what I am capable of and opening my eyes to all that I can achieve. Thank you for supporting my dreams and being my biggest cheerleader.

Thank you for making an effort to understand my disease. For learning how to count carbs and calculate insulin doses. For knowing what to do when I’m high and when I’m low. For holding my hand when the insulin burns. For researching new developments in the search for a cure when you know the burden is becoming too much to bear. For asking if it is possible to trade pancreases, even though that would mean you would have my disease, because, as you said, “I’d rather do it than watch you go through this.” You don’t know how much just the thought of that means to me.

Thank you for these past 18 months. Thank you for the laughs, for the tears, for the kisses, the hugs, the back scratches and the head rubs. Thank you for the lazy nights in, watching chick flicks and eating ice cream, and the adventurous nights out, exploring new sections of the city and foods we’ve never had. Thank you for always being there, whether it is at 3 A.M. or 2 P.M., whether you’re in the residence hall next door, across the parking lot, or 143 miles and 1 state line away. Thank you for loving me as I am, no matter the day, time, or mood. Thank you for recognizing my beauty whether I am all dolled up or rocking wet hair, baggy sweats, and a monstrous pimple on my forehead. Thank you for being my number one fan, my biggest supporter, my best friend, my eating buddy, my soul mate, my missing puzzle piece, and my Mr. Right.

Most importantly, though, thank you for giving me the opportunity to love you. Thank you for letting me into your life, your family, your heart. Thank you for opening up to me, for letting me learn things about you, for giving me the opportunity to experience life with you. Thank you for making these past 18 months the greatest of my life and thank you for giving me a reason to look forward to the future.

Always and forever,

Your girl